Photographed by Melody Gonzalez

Photographed by Melody Gonzalez


Artist Statement

I create bodies of work around themes exploring identity, sexuality and gender. Growing up in a household between two religions, expectations and limitations were constantly placed upon me, using gender as a justification to do so. Naturally, I challenged such expectations as this would be the driving force behind my work. Drawing from these experiences, I set out to dissect the status quo that are deeply rooted in patriarchal structures. My aim is to dismantle and challenge such existing conditions, creating dialogue within the works relating to history and personal experience.


Lizzy Alejandro is a Bronx born and raised visual artist.

Her work explores themes of identity and challenges notions of the status quo. Much of Alejandro’s inspiration originates from her mixed religious and cultural upbringing.

Alejandro’s work has been exhibited at Fordham University, Taller Boricua Gallery, Lehman College Art Gallery, Bronx Art Space, Andrew Freedman Home, Lincoln Hospital, the Galleries at Krasdale Foods, and the Bronx Latin American Art Biennial.

She has been included in publications such as The Bronx Artist Documentary Project and in the Nueva Luz Photographic Journal 2016, Volume 20, “Living Latina: The Bronx Women’s Photo Collective”.

Alejandro is a member of the BX200 and co-founder of The Bronx Women’s Photo Collective, She still resides in The Bronx.